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Jollyfly Double Recreational Rowing Boat

The Westport Jollyfly for Recreational Rowing. The Jolly Boat is perfect for getting out on the water and enjoying yourself. Whether you want to relax in our wonderful marine environment, enjoy a picnic or just to keep fit and healthy, take a look at our Westport Jolly Fly.

The term ‘Jollyfly’ came from a boat test we did with the Jolly Boat and a fly fishing magazine, where after watching for most of the day I was inspired to build a simpler boat for stealthy approaches. Fixed seats and traditional rowlocks also meant that there was even less clutter inside for easy line handling. The result is our Jolly Fly for single or double rowing which is proving to be just as versitile as the Jolly Boat.

The Jollyfly is extremely easy to row, whether you are 7 or 70 years old, jump aboard and you will be rowing with confidence in no time at all. Her traditional and graceful lines hint at her seaworthiness and surprising speed making her at home on the river, loch, estuary and sheltered coastal waters.

Her layout is simple and practical with bouyancy/WT storage forward and aft plus two thwarts as standard she can be rowed by one or two with seating for an additional two. The Jolly Fly comes as standard with simple 2.25m/7'4" wooden oars

Along the wooden gunnels are two pairs of side mounted chrome rowlocks with plastic liners to reduce wear and noise. Along the inside we have fitted four cleats, two forward & two aft, within easy reach of the rowers with a further larger cleat on the foredeck.

Stowage is forward and aft via W/T 8" & 6" hatches respectively - enough dry volume for overnight stays, so with her easy rowing there is no excuse for the weekend trip you keep promissing yourself!

For those more serious rowers we can fit adjustable footboards to brace yourself when rowing - even with fixed seat rowing your legs should still be used when rowing.

These boats are hand built to order and can be customised to your own specification so whether you want more bouyancy, extra storage or only a single seat, just ask us.


Easy Row: The Jollyfly's hull is exceptionally light to row, which means you can row further for longer and due to her seaworthy heritage even if the conditions deteriorate she will look after you.

Traditional Chrome Rowlocks: Simple, effective and look great.

Oars: Simple wooden oars supplied as standard.

Rowing Geometry: Optimised for comfortable all round performance. The optional footboards allow for harder and rougher water rowing, while taller rowers may enjoy the additional leg room at the forward rowing position.

The Jolly Fly has been designed with a strong single skin hull with additonal strength in the floor, thwart support and around the forward and aft compartments. High quality Douglas Fir has been chosen for the gunnel, providing excellent strength to weight properties as well as durability.

Self-Bailing Hull: An optional self bailer can be fitted to the hull, providing hull draining capabilities when rowing.

Dry Storage Lockers: The two forward and aft compartments form natural storage lockers accessed through two standard 8" & 6" watertight hatches, with the option of fitting additional 10” hatches on top for storage of larger camping and touring equipment.

Storage Pockets: Canvas storage pockets can be hung under the thwarts to provide aditional day storage - handy for drinks and jumpers!

Forward and Aft Seating: The forward and aft bouyancy has been designed for additional passenges - so no excuse for that gentle row up river for a quiet picnic with friends.

Mooring Cleat Location: The forward and aft mooring cleats are located within reach of the rower to allow easy mooring when coming along side.

Adjustable Foot Boards: The foot board is adjustable to allow the correct set-up for the shortest and tallest rowers.

Bow Eye: The bow eye is fitted as standard and allows for the securing of the boat for towing when afloat or tieing down when ashore or on a trailer.

Transom Design: The transom has been kept flat allowing the simple addition of wood pads when fitting a Rudder or Outboard Motor.

Keel Band: The Keel has been fitted with a low-friction keel band to help protect the hull during beaching and allow easier manoeuvring and storage of the boat.

Quality: Every aspect from design and manufacture to appearance and finish has been carefully considered, ensuring the best quality and long life.


Recreational Rowing


rowing boat



rowing boat

Boat Weight
Rowlock Span
Oar Length
Hull Material



Standard Fittings

Chrome Plated

2.5hp petrol or electric, requires transom pad
Suitable for Car Top, Trailer, Launching wheels
and carrying!

Recreational Rowing in rivers, lakes, estuaries and sheltered coastal waters
Training, touring and recreational rowing
Camping and extended cruising
Suitable for all age groups, novices to experts

Douglas Fir Wooden Gunnels
Chrome Rowlocks
Fixed Wooden Thwart, Single or Double
Optional Adjustable Foot Board
Forward Bouyancy with 8" W/T Hatch
Aft Bouyancy with 6" W/T Hatch
4 off Mooring Cleats
Bow Eye
Rigid PVC Keel Band

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